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Southern Baptist Convention

Together We Grow at First Southern Baptist Palm Springs

Weekday Opportunities


5:30 pm - MasterLife Discipleship

Leader's Training


6:30 pm - Choir Rehearsal



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"Obey God" (Deuteronomy 1)

"Beware Shifting Sand" (Matthew 7:24-27

" Resist Temptation" (Matthew 4:1-11)


Opportunities For Growth


of Palm Springs, California

Dr. Kenneth Mills, Senior Pastor

Rev. Steve Groll, Children's Pastor               Rev. Fred Maldonado, Pastor Emeritus

We Are a Member of The Following Organizations

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Come and Discover Your Purpose

Join us on Your Journey

Sunday           See Opportunities Above

Monday          By Appointment
Tuesday          9:00 am until Noon

Wednesday    9:00  am until Noon

Thursday        9:00 am until Noon

Friday              9:00 am until Noon

Saturday          By Appointment

Evangelism Explosion

Training to Effectively Share Your Faith

Each Sunday 9:30 am


Sunday Opportunities

9:30 am

Adult and Youth Bible Fellowship

Evangelism Explosion Training

10:30 am

Prayer at the Altar

11:00 am

Traditional Adult Worship

Children's Worship

Making Disciples

Wednesday at 5:30 with Dr. Mills

    Share Your Prayer Need Here

Sunday, September 15 - 11 am Traditional Worship

 Life Lesson 4

"Strengthen Self Control"

Matthew 4:1-11

Future: Life Lessons from the Desert

"Avoid Depletion" Matthew 4:1-11

"The Walking Dead"‚Äč Ezekiel 39