August 18: The Family 

August 25: The Sanctity of Marriage
Wedding Vow Renewal

Sunday           See Opportunities Above

Monday          By Appointment
Tuesday          9:00 am until Noon

Wednesday    9:00  am until Noon

Thursday        9:00 am until Noon

Friday              9:00 am until Noon

Saturday          By Appointment

Together We Grow at First Southern Baptist Palm Springs

Weekday Opportunities


5:30 pm - MasterLife Discipleship

Leader's Training


6:30 pm - Choir Rehearsal



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Discipleship Training 

First Wave - Leaders Only

Every Wednesday at 5:30 with Dr. Mills

Opportunities For Growth

Church Operating Hours

Core Values

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Southern Baptist Convention

Sermons by

Dr. Kenneth Mills, Senior Pastor

Sunday 11 am Traditional Adult Worship


of Palm Springs, California

Dr. Kenneth Mills, Senior Pastor

Rev. Steve Groll, Children's Pastor               Rev. Fred Maldonado, Pastor Emeritus

Sunday Opportunities

9:30 am

Adult and Youth Bible Fellowship

Evangelism Explosion Training

10:30 am

Prayer at the Altar

11:00 am

Traditional Adult Worship

Children's Worship

Evangelism Explosion

Each Sunday 9:30 am